Last month I had the most beautiful ,humbling and rewarding experience of running a private “Soul Immersion Retreat” for an amazing soul. So much truth/love flowed forth, so much magic and synchronicity occurred for both of us and after I felt so incredibly grateful for the experience that opened my heart and expanded my consciousness in many ways.

Whilst feeling immense gratitude and love for all that occurred I became aware of the truth of synchronicity…..In the REALisation that all the magic that occurred, all the animals we encountered, all the pieces that came together to weave the most perfect of experiences were like the threads of the most wonderful tapestry that was woven. Every minute thing that happened was like the most flowing , wondrously choreographed dance of love.

I REALised that when you are consciously in the flow , this is not ‘amazing’! Its simply our natural bliss state of Being and its reflection/manifestation. Our bliss state/presence both creating and REALizing moment by moment.

And even when we aren’t consciously aware and we are just going through life this flow, this consciousness, this One infinite Creator (our True self) is orchestrating the dance, weaving the tapestry, so that one day you will ‘SEE” and REALise that it was YOUR perfect design all along. You were putting everything in place, nudging and beckoning, laying the pathway that leads you home to YOU – the One True self/Creator- the pure love that you ARE!

I am in awe of the awesomeness of life, of me(for I am life) !  I Am the One Infinite Creator as I know Self as all of its creation… Pure Divine Essence ..Infinite, Eternal and Free !!!