Spiritual Clarity Sessions


I had the most amazing connection to my heart and the deepest mediation I have been in with a session from Karen!

It’s life changing!!!!



Karen’s Spiritual Clarity sessions have helped me immensely to unveil the truth of my life path. I am coming to understand aspects of self that have been ignored, forgotten and feared for much of my life.

Karen’s guidance is gentle & reassuring, yet clear & deeply profound.

My Clarity session with Karen was life changing as my heart opened to all I had been searching for.

Thank you Karen for shining your light so graciously, allowing me to reveal and remember my true self through all that you are.

With love, gratitude & deepest respect,

Nic xoxo

Dearest Karen,

Firstly I wish to thank you for directing me back onto my right path. I have had a not surprisingly very emotional rollercoaster ride , but each time coming out of it  for the best and in the direction that feels right.  Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me to live the life I was meant to live. Your book helped and has given me further strength and clarity to look forward to what I always knew would the best to come.(just did not know how it was going to get there…now I know!!!).

Since then I have been openly expressing who I really am and proud of it. My son is asking a lot of questions and I am answering him truthfully in a way he can understand. He will be 9 in September. I am trying hard to teach him as I am learning and I feel he is quite mature and aware of angels and has great faith.

Lots of love,

Joulia Joukhador

Karen I just want to say thank you for showing me things that I never knew! Due to you, a lot of things makes sense now.

Have a beautiful day

Lots if love

Anna x

On a personal note-thanks again for Sat!, truly wonderful experience!-I will carry with me for a long time



Thank you so much – I feel much more peaceful deep within. the crystal bowl to  An amazing experience. Feeling energetic and full of love and gratitude for all that I am and all that I have.

Love and thanks


Beautiful Karen … thank you so much for being you and all the magnificence that you are, embodied here on the earthly plane. When we met one year ago, I immediately felt the indelible connection in our hearts, we are soul sisters who have returned in service to humanity and the road has been long. Just knowing you are here … along with my Spiritual Clarity session and our regular meditation sessions … has helped me to complete the final parts of my journey of remembering who I am. To step into the Pure Divine Essence that I am. To become present and remain in a state of presence, from whence all things flow and the love, joy and spontaneity of life can occur. The radiant light of your heart is truly a gift to all of humanity. I have experienced and witnessed this undeniable truth and I thank you from the deepest core of my being, for reminding me of who I am and how to BE my truth. )*( Fi xx

Fiona Stephens - Naturopathic Herbalist & Energy Medicine Therapist www.fionastephens.nt.pages.com.au

Confused, emotional, light headed and pain. THEN………………  Gratitude, relief, joy, sense of being, direction and PEACE within.

A beautiful and very grounding and helpful experience.  Answered many questions I had and has changed the way I see the world as it is as well as myself.

Thank you Karen.


Today after having a session with you and revisiting my truth, the truth of who I am, (who we all are)…And finding the deep deep peace that resides within me I  feel inspired to write this testimonial.

Thank you for reminding me of my true essence and helping guide me back to living from my heart space. I feel I can see clearly now ‘ the story’ I have been lost in. I feel so calm, so peaceful, so connected, so much love…. What bliss !!

Hope this inspires others to see you. Endless love and light to you,

Emma xxx

Dear Karen,

Gratitude  for your loving care, groundedness, passion, and sincerity.  for the session.

You are a guiding light.  iT is hard to put into words what transpired during the session.

The resistance rose up unbidden and even giving permission for for change and allowing , think i tried too hard

THE expansion was undeniable and spaciousness of peace ..and vastness. jUSt sharing this with someone is great and confirmation of the wonder of of life

There was some slight turbulence at the same time especially around solar plexus.

My mantra now is glory be to god and on earth peace to all men. Am also more diligent in protection.

Blessings to you and yours Karen

Sue Folwell. Xx


Karen’s offerings are truly from the heart…always from Love. I am ever grateful to her for opening her heart to me in so many ways. In times of ‘darkness’ I have been able to see truth & light with Karen”s guidance during our Spiritual Clarity & Counciling Sessions. Her weekly meditation circle helps keep me grounded in the present & in my own Divine Pure Essence…of LOVE.

Nicole Fondacaro Purvis

A session with Karen is a life changing experience. Karen helped to identify and remove blockages that were hindering my spiritual growth, allowing my true self to shine through. She also helped me to see how much divine guidance is there for all of us , if only we open our hearts.

Love and light



Thank you for your precious time and the enlightening day we spent together on Monday. The girls and I were literally transformed by the insights you presented to us from our higher selves and Archangels. In remembering who we truly are and why we are here at this time on Earth has brought a beautiful peace into my life and an inner knowing that I’m connected and on track – words just cannot express how appreciative I am. How blessed I am as an individual to know the truth of the beautiful family I have been gifted with, my heart sings!

Love light your path always

with great respect

Anne Xx

At the beginning of this year, I was blind-sided by a traumatic health matter, having me rushed to hospital and my life completely turned upside down. The impact of the situation left me feeling vulnerable, scared of dying, restless sleep, paranoid…I was not ‘myself’ and petrified of the world.

After seeing Karen, and in the weeks following our session, I have noticed myself become calmer, feel stronger, more assertive in seeking my needs and also listening to my heart. I keep a gratitude journal and combined with lifting my energy, clearing past life experiences and being free of those limitations, I do truly feel “alive” again, not part of the walking dead.

It has been a great, rewarding, calming and centring experience for me and I am truly grateful for the love, guidance, support and dedication that Karen applies to her work and clients.

Thankyou so much for your support !!!

Jody xx

Hello Karen,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful session I had with you last week, thank you for seeing me.

On a human level, it seems a lot to take in, but at the same time, what you said resonated with me.

I read what you wrote for me each day, and am letting all the information sink in. I have already started to notice that some of the rigidity in my thoughts is disintegrating as I absorb your message and contemplate what came through. I wish to continue my spiritual journey in whichever way that is right for me.

I am also re-reading your book.


Dearest Karen, what a insightful healing reading of great depth for me. We are blessed to have such LOVE you are Beautiful with love & gratitude

Tania. X

Personalised Meditations

I am truly grateful for the gift of Karen’s personalised meditation. Each time I listen to it, I am taken on a journey of the heart that is absolutely amazing. The journey is relaxing and a way to truly connect to my inner voice. Karen’s voice is calming and very easy to listen to. After the meditation I always have more clarity and understanding about any situation. Above all, I reach a space of deep connectedness and love that is impossible to describe. Much love and gratitude always ?

Anne Minogue

Often people say they can’t meditate. There’s stress generated in ‘trying’ to meditate. Karen’s personalised meditations are a great way to step into this idea of letting go as she guides and fosters your focus. This makes meditation much more easy. Karen’s personalised meditation are poignant and relevant. Relevant may not always be what you imagined. The benefit comes from allowing that which we are sometimes blinded from to guide us into our truth. This in turn frees us from prisons of thought and emotion. Whilst in meditation, Karen’s ability to stay neutral and grounded in love allows her to tune into relevance. Powerful personal insights are achievable when we allow our thoughts to subside. This is the opportunity Karen offers in her personalised meditations.

Angela Macpherson

Thank you Karen for your love, support and guidance in your one-on-one meditation and larger group meditation classes over the years. Not only have your classes been beneficial for my own growth and development but on a larger scale a huge shift in human consciousness. To feel the beautiful Bliss that resides within me and all around, can only be described as peace, joyfulness and freedom.
With Love & Gratitude Wendy

Wendy Shute

Getting a personalised meditation is the permission slip you are giving yourself to diver deeper into who you truly are, to know that space where you feel whole, are loved, and are love all at the same time. A space where you meet yourself truly and feel like you are home without exception, while all else that feels unnecessary can fall away. Karen’s personalised meditations will take you to this space in the most purest of ways that is perfect for you and your unique spirit. Karen’s ability to channel what your soul wants to hear and sit in meditation with is from a place of total love and light and nothing but the truth will find you, and it will also hold you. To be taken on a journey through meditation to know your true self and allow the mind-body to fall away is true peace. Karen’s gentle words and heartfelt love permeate her meditations and they will ripple through your being, being felt at the core of who you are. Her meditations guide you to your own shining light and radiance, and her gentle and supportive energy will softly lead you to where you are meant to land.

Deb Frazer

“Karen’s personalised meditations are like your own private cheerleading team.
Her strong connection to source shows through her insights. Karen has an amazing ability to bring through just the right words during a meditation, which allows you to tap into areas that can be transformed and healed instantaneously. The effects can be felt on a cellular level and beyond!

I love this medium of transmuting blocks as it’s so empowering and can take it as far as I need. I am so much happier with the person I am today thanks to Karen’s support and guidance. ”

So much love xxx

Deb Reiman

I have known Karen for many years and find she is a person of integrity and inspiration..

The meditation she has prepared is of great benefit. Not only for convenience on my mobile phone, but the soothing, loving nature of the meditation , helping consolidate who we are.
I use it  before massaging clients and can stay in the love presence easier resulting in the client being more  expansive and open to relaxation.
Thank you Karen
Sue Folewell

Soul Immersion Retreats


Dear Karen,

What a incredible gift it was to share space together with you and Katie for our very own personalized retreat!

From the moment we entered your doorway I felt fully embraced and nurtured.  Your lightness of being, the powerful teachings, delicious vegan meals, beautiful spa pampering….Ahhhh…bliss!??
Your beautiful home and surroundings were so peaceful and really contributed to a feeling of being immersed in love.  That feeling of love allowed me to truly open my heart and experience what being in my heart space really feels like.  I feel changed and more fully awake.
Thank you for creating and guiding my soul to a new place of understanding and expansiveness.  The knowledge you shared about my beliefs around suffering was really life changing.  This was nothing I was ever consciously aware of, but with this knowledge and your help in clearing this belief I can mindfully remind myself that this is no longer my truth.  I am a divine being of light who deserves great joy….always!
The insights you provided and shifts you facilitated through the sharing of my dream were so powerful.  I can see too how my willingness to be open helped to clear a path for greater understanding.  Thank you to you and Katie for holding space for me to share of myself so freely.
Thank you for all the teachings you shared with us and the introduction to Bentinho.  This all felt so perfectly synchronistic with my interest in and visits to Sedona last year.  I’ve plugged into his Facebook and Instagram and will continue to explore his content and teachings via his website and Trifinity Academy.
Thank you from the depths of my heart for facilitating this soul immersion retreat for myself and Katie.  I feel tremendous gratitude for the experience and so comforted to know you are only a Skype call away to consult or assist on our journey.
With much gratitude, love and light to you always…..
Melissa Joyce

Before and After

One unsuspecting day in early 2016, I wandered into a small meditation group that I had found through Facebook.  I was feebly emerging from the pointy end of a substantial trauma and thought that meditation might be a way for me to find my way back onto my path. Meeting Karen for the first time that day, I felt an immediate connection but had no idea that she would become such an important part of my life’s journey.  As the weeks and months passed, the connection grew until I reached the point where I realised that a weekly meditation class was not enough.  Karen and I began to talk about options and decided that the retreat was the most obvious choice.   My trust in Karen was complete as I had lived her authenticity for many months before deciding to commit to this next phase.  I came to the retreat with an open heart and mind and a genuine desire to live every moment to the fullest.  Karen’s commitment matched and exceeded my own and the experience was genuinely life changing.  Karen intuited every aspect of our time and each moment was in perfect alignment.  She held an amazing space of safety and love that allowed me to process massive amounts of information in a very short space of time. Her attention to detail was impeccable and there was never a moment where I felt that nothing less than my every need was being met.  From a physical perspective, the food and amenities were delightful. From a spiritual perspective, the opportunity to have uninterrupted access to Karen’s incredible intuition and font of knowledge was truly ground breaking. The best way that I can describe the impact of this retreat on me is to acknowledge that my life has now been divided into “before and after”.  Where previously I had seen life as a series of snap shots or photos, I now see it as a full motion picture – such is the change in my perception.  Through Karen’s guidance, I have unlocked a treasure trove of insight and understanding that has created such massive shifts in my life that it is as if I have entered a whole new dimension. No stone has been left unturned and there have been positive changes in absolutely every aspect of my life. Under Karen’s tutelage, I have been able to step out of a fear-based approach to life and now sit in such a space of pure love that abundance flows effortlessly.  Words fail me in being able to describe the level of gratitude I feel to Karen for her amazing act of service not only to me, but to the collective consciousness as a whole.

Norma Carrasco

Thank you so much for the incredibly life changing retreat.

I feel so happy right now. So much lighter and in touch with truth and reality.

As Karen’s Soul Immersion drew close, smoke and mirrors appeared like never before. Showing me the state of my inner world. Chaos, yelling, fear, control, approval and burden. I was awake enough to know that it didn’t feel good and it wasn’t how I wanted to live.

Despite all odds I followed my conviction to attend the retreat knowing that I absolutely had to be there. It was as if my soul was crying out for truth. Pleading for an opportunity to stop long enough to heal and reveal its true nature.

From the moment I arrived at Karen’s house I felt fully supported. As if I was being cradled in the arms of the Creator.

Every single thing that happened was perfect for my awakening.

Learning that I exist beyond creation and that I am in fact the one infinite creator has allowed me to experience freedom in every moment.

Practising paying close attention to my inner vibrational state of being has shown me a new perspective. I have been transformed.

Knowing my purpose for living has motivated me to reflect this to others so that I can flourish. Karen even taught me how to deal with a past life issue.

Thank you Karen for beautifully holding the space for me to expand my awareness enough to wake up and realise that it’s just a choice. A choice worth making over and over again until it becomes my only state of being. By living my truth everything else takes care of itself.

I have remembered the infinite nature and perfection of life and I am happy to be home.

Katie Stitt

My Immersion Retreat with Karen was one of total peace, love and
gratitude. I went with the intent to have an open heart to all that was
in alignment for my soul.
On my arrival I could feel I was surrounded in love. As each day
passed, it became stronger and the nurturing I received on a soul and
physical level, enjoying delicious, nutritious meals and snacks you
could feel were made with love everyday. The accommodation of comfort,
pampering and beauty of Mother Nature that surrounded me daily. This was
something I had not experienced before.
The amount of preparation that Karen had done prior to my coming,
was totally in accordance to what my heart and soul desired. This was
seen by the synchronicity of events that happened, which made for
beautiful moments and memories to treasure. Releasing of deep seated
fears being one of them, gave me such a feeling of freedom.
All Karen’s guidance and knowing came from pure love and truth.
This was demonstrated each day, by her attentive nurturing way that was
filled with absolute love.
My time spent with Karen over these five days have totally changed
my life. Learning the simplicity of the truth about who we truly are.
This life is not meant to be hard, we make it hard by all the lies,
untruths, illusions that we adopt which creates all the fears we carry
throughout our lives. It feels like a huge yoke has been taken off my
shoulders, or like walking through the darkness coming into the light of
love. This is true absolute freedom, knowing your greatness, beauty,
magnificence, that you are the creator of you, able to create all the
beauty and love in our lives. Knowing we are surrounded by all our
unseen help and love always.
I thank you Karen for making available the space in which I was
able to come to the knowing of this Truth, that has filled me with so
much joy, peace, love and excitement on moving forward, BEING THE
CREATOR OF MY LIFE with absolute love, being one with all that is. My
Own Heaven On Earth.
Maria xxxxxx

Maria Canini


“You can’t create new worlds with old thoughts”

Last week, I embarked on a soul immersion retreat with Karen. I wasn’t 100% certain what was in store for me and on the surface, it seems like such a strange thing to do- to go and live in someone else’s house for a week. Someone who you barely knew for that matter. Seems bizarre! But in fact, it was totally natural and Karen made me feel right at home as soon as I arrived.

What I discovered was way more than I could possibly have expected or predicted. I realised how integral I am in shaping my reality and that if I wanted to see a better and more meaningful life for myself, I would have to begin with me; altering my perceptions, challenging long held and preconceived notions and ideas, and truly feeling my connection to consciousness and all that appears in my world.

Words can’t really express the gratitude I hold for Karen for guiding me through the process of ‘coming home’ to who I really am. Her warm, generous presence is such that it creates a safe haven for you to explore the spiritual aspects of your being.

If you have stumbled across this testimonial, you have done so for a reason. If you are seeking simple and profound clarity to all the big and important questions in life, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Karen to be your teacher and guide. Ask yourself, ‘What is 5 days out of my life compared to the possibility of changing your whole world?’

Sarah Baxter

The time spent in Bali was precious. Our facilitators in spirit of faith and love, guided, accepted and nurtured us, all with our individual natures through paths of self unknown to ourselves. My heart is open and I accept myself now .Gratitude to all who were there in this Life changing experience.

Susan x

I was very fortunate to attend a beautiful retreat in Bali facilitated by this marvellous team.

The facilitators, with their innovative program enabled me in a supportive environment to express myself and learn through meditation, art therapy, and other creative ways.

I completed the program with practical techniques to live my daily life with greater confidence, freedom, courage, joy and awareness.

Not to be missed.


The following was my intention for the journey in Bali and I feel as though it was achieved and so much more has unfolded since:

My intent is to journey deep into my heart to connect and become who I really am.  To be completely aligned with Source so as our light shines into the universe to touch every living thing, which will allow for their light to shine and lift all of humanity to their rightful place.

Sheryl Page

Oh, to be held in such a safe & supporting circle, united through love with the most beautiful Women!  I was able to re-connect with my true self, & now I begin each new day allowing it to unfold with the flow of the universe… With eternal love & gratitude,

Lisa. xx

Book ~ "Truth Creates Heaven on Earth"


“Thank you thank you thank you!
Truth is such a wonderful gentle book. I have have been reading spiritual books intensely for 3 or so years as part of my own journey. Truth is the best one I have read
Partly I suspect because it is optimistic and partly because it is clear in use of language and the message conveyed. For what is is worth I believe things are changing and the message is getting clearer and clearer. We are blessed to live in unique times where, if you seek, you can find.
Take the Seth material from the 1960’s – not an easy read- and compare it to Conversations with God. To my mind there is an evolution at hand in the material and the clarity with which it is being revealed to us is increasing . Truth is a step beyond beyond both of these ‘classics’.
Once Truth becomes read beyond a threshold I believe it will stand as one of the great messages to the world and be widely read.
On a personal note it has encouraged me to pursue my path with more openness and to .feel more relaxed about seeking a life that is more authentic for me. Like you I am juggling being a husband father and working
My copy of Truth is currently on loan to another seeker and I intend buying copies as gifts for selected friends.”


The book resonated with something deep within me. The collection of the collective and the different energies was easy to read and each energy had many words of wisdom to share with the reader.
It is a book that the reader can read again and again and receive a message that is meaningful for them at that time. This book excited me and reminded me that the future of our planet and the universe is indeed a positive one.”
Warmest regards

Anne Joyce - Training Co-Ordinator

We met at the Chocolate Tree and you gifted me Truth Creates Heaven On Earth. I finished it! That is a wonderful confirmation that spoke to my Heart confirming what I know and reminding of what I’ve forgotten. I Love You! I’ve shared it by paying it forward and I speak for all when I say thank you so so much. Love and Gratitude.

David- Sedona USA.

I have also refocused by rereading the last three chapters of your book, and epilogue. It says so much more to me now, than it did when I read it previously. I understand it from a totally different perspective and knowing now, after all that has unfolded, and what a fantastic thing that is.
A world of thanks and love to you and all that you do.

Dehlia xxx

I have nearly finished the book, It is so full of truth I loved it and wont to order a box of then to give to others as I think it so important to share this knowledge, could you let me know how much for a box and how many in a box I will be in Tamworth next week and I will see you then. Thanks ever so much love and light.

Matt NSW.

I just wanted to say a big thankyou to Karen and the Collective of Lightworkers for such an inspirational book.It had me experiencing many different feelings to the point of being in tears of joy.I’ve been searching for the truth for so many years in religions; I know now that I have found the Truth!It just felt so right this book! I look forward to growing and awakening my inner light further. The right book has always made itself known on this my spiritual journey.

Maria xx -Kiama NSW.

Dear Karen,
Thank you for your beautiful email & thank you more so for embodying this truth that I am slowly awakening to.
The words within your email have been infiltrating all week & each day I feel more & more alive with connectedness.
I often re-read sections of the book finding greater depth of understanding within me each time..
All my love & gratitude

Nic xoxo

I just finished your book. I read one chapter at a time and let it sink in. Over my years of reading, Buddhist study, seminars and such, I have been exposed to much of this message but it was put together in one place with such clarity and love. I had discussions about the book with my friend Joan and will be giving it to her this week to read. It is a precious gift and motivates me to move toward the LIGHT with more concentration. I am able to think about my fears in a new way. I am grateful to know you all. I have been reading parts of the book to my friend Curtis who is a very poor reader. He was very interested in the last chapter where you, Karen, describe getting yourself out of the way. God is a friend in his life. He is always trying to hear God’s will for him but he doubts what he hears. He felt a kinship with your struggle.


Recently my Mother-in-law passed away and while she was in hospital a family friend named Sheryl Page literally threw your book into my lap.
Sheryl meant it for my husband but I had asked my guides for help while driving to Tamworth and I knew the book was meant for me to read.
I really love your honesty and your book helped me get through that period with love and beauty.
I have just re-read your book and I am now following the urge to contact you for a phone session for spiritual clarity if this service is still available.
Thank you,x

Tracey Smith

I looked up the website… your journey is an inspiration to others……I acknowledge your courage and what you have achieved through “letting go” and “trusting the process”….although at times it is not as easy as it sounds….the book is a beautiful reflection of your journey to share with others on a similar path!!

Jeanette Bond

“This book is in alignment with the changes happening on this planet in our time.
Truth creates heaven on earth is an insight to everyone willing to uncover a new perspective of our world view,
by taking part in creating light on the earth with our evolving conciousness.”

Maya Cowley- Transpersonal Art Therapist

The book is brilliant, have started reading it. It is inspirational, raw & honest. Definitely recommend.

Karen I am so touched and moved by your book, it is stirring up so much in me- so rich with honesty and inspiration. Thankyou xxx

Jody. NSW

Dearest Karen
I would like to share with you my feelings after reading your book, Truth Creates Heaven on Earth and some of the impact that it has had on me personally.
The writings and messages of both yourself and the Collective of Lightworkers, was presented in an easy to understand language that seemed to be easily absorbed by both my mind and my heart.
Each chapter presented messages and information that had common themes, yet unique to each of the Lightworkers.
Whilst reading the book I could physically feel my heartspace expanding and I experienced several moments of joy and excitement as I recognised, realised and understood the truth in the words.
I have found myself questioning many things since reading this book, in particular asking myself if I am coming from a place of love or fear?
I believe this book will continue to have an impact, well after I have read the final pages.
Thank you Karen for sharing your journey with extreme honesty. In particular, the sharing of your fears, doubts and vulnerabilities.
This reminds me that we are all one, I am You, You are Me and we are all a perfect expression on light, connected though our heart centre to the source of all life.
Brightest blessings to you Karen.”
With love


“How do I know when a book is touching my heart? …… When I am reading it with a pen and a pad of hot pink post-it notes at hand. x x”

Hello Karen, I am almost finished reading your book how I wish I had skipped going to the healing class and had attended your seminar in Tamworth. This would be the strangest book I have ever read I was not able to read the last 2 chapters until just recently, I tried to read these on many occasions but could not read past the first paragraph. Then out of the blue something told me to try again and I’m nearly finished I will read again, in the ensuing months I have read a couple of Doreen Virtues’ books on angles.Also reading a couple of Esther and Jerry Hicks these are mind blowing as well. When I can afford the trip I would very much like to travel to attend some of your seminars this book is so profound I will have to read again and again.
Just to fill you in my appointment time was around 2.30 on Saturday I am over weight. And, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this book just in the last few days my life has changed I feel great, on top of the world, content, happy, I am Relocating some fat cells so far 6.3kgs I believe I have never felt so free I cannot stop smiling I have a great feeling of anticipation, joy, enthusiasm, I can only put it down to the learning gained from these books you should be very very proud next pension I will get a copy for my sister and a very good friend (do you have a hard copy edition)
Thank you from a very joyful heart,

Anne Donohue x

Heart Gatherings, Meditation Group and Soultime for Kids


To come together at a Heart Gathering through meditation with like-minded and gracious people was immensely powerful and created a very strong connection to source. I know and feel during these Heart Gatherings that light is illuminated in that space bringing healing to all and Mother Earth on many levels. Through her teachings, Karen’s soft words provide a deep and gentle connection to source and the feelings of warmth and love are abundant. I always walked away from these sessions reminded of my truth and with a happy heart, feeling connected and content, but powerful at the same time.

Deb Frazer


Thank you to all the group for bringing the energy of Oneness to the Academy.

I channeled Master Korton yesterday who said that the Academy is a Light Ship and has now been fueled (on Monday Night) and can now take people to other dimensions to experience the energy of the Masters on a Monday Night.  We are all so grateful to you.

I even remembered at the Dentist yesterday while he was filling my tooth to give him a Oneness Blessing.

Lots of love,


I am so grateful to Karens group. For holding us in our Hearts, in the space of light, truth & Love. The practices I have learnt & the wisdom shared in our group, helps me to choose more consciously in everyday life challenges. Our weekly meditation is one of the grounding practices I choose to help keep me on a path of awareness & love…For myself & my loved ones. Thank you Karen & the beautiful women in our circle. Much Love & Gratitude XO

Nicole Fondacaro Purvis

Darling Karen,

I just have to drop you a line to tell you how amazing you and all our unseen help have been. I got into the car and decided I needed to drink a whole bottle of water last night, the energy was just amazing, powerful, safe, loving and guided.

My friend mentioned this morning on our way to exercising that the world is in trouble because too many men are in charge, thus all the wars etc. The meditation was so helpful I almost counter argued with her! Ha!

Darling  keep spreading the sunshine and light amongst us. We really DO appreciate you and all you do for humanity.

Love you to the moon and back,

Mara xxxx


I love imagination journeys because I can go to different worlds, relax and I do it wherever I want I even use it in the playground at school.S.T.O.P. helps me be calmer but my favourite is C.Y.T. I practice it all the time and it keeps me calm and relaxed.

Grace 8yrs


S.T.O.P. helps me Be love.

Chloe 5 yrs

The heart gathering has changed my life. It has shown me that following my heart, my truth, is the only way in which to live. Karen has given me the tools to help deal with the general ups and downs of life and I feel more balanced and centred. I know more than ever before how important it is to be present in every moment, to truly acknowledge the ‘now’ and the beauty that surrounds us. I am able to see my magnificence and move forward with love, grace and harmony, no matter what obstacles lay before me. There is no fear. I am eternally grateful and feel so much love.

Anne xx

For many years I had felt a difficulty in belonging in relationships and this world.

The Heart Gatherings with Karen Wade’s guidance has opened my Heart to healing, possibilities and knowledge of self and this universe.

The Heart Gatherings are an essential in my life to stop, check in and feel the Wonder and Love within and without.”

Susan Folwell


Karen Wade and Mandy De Lore shared their ONENESS experience from the work they did in Bali on Monday night and we found we were taken into the ONENESS with them. The sharing came in the form of meditation with visualisation and then later another with crystal bowl and also through telling their stories.  ONENESS can be called Christ Consciousness, I AM Presence…it has many names. We felt so blessed that they came. What impressed me personally was when the younger members of the group were asked to share with us the effect their experience had on their daily lives now they are back, each said how they were able to hold the ONENESS and found they were looking at people from a different perspective and how sharing love each day with people whether they are on trains, buses or at work was now their focus. One lovely young women laughed as she said, “I just love everybody.”.

The Academy has been so enriched by this experience and yet excited at the same time because now as a group, we will be able to pass this onto everyone that comes and enrich their lives too.

May Peace and Peace and Peace be everywhere.

Rosemary Butterworth


Hi Karen

I  enjoyed  and appreciated the meditation on our sacred mother which I feel deeply connected to…she has a special way of up lifting my soul and I’m truly thankful for this experience. I’m off to the desert (uluru) this week for similar solo meditations.

(thank you  sister for your gentle kindness)

and for all that you share.

Love and light to you

With Regards




I go to Karen because I want to learn more about meditation as it makes me feel calm. Karen is loving.

Malachi 8 yrs

When I saw the flier in the window for “A Journey of the Heart” something stirred inside me.  Without hesitation I went inside and booked myself in.

When I got home I looked up on the Internet about the book  (Truth Creates Heaven on Earth) and ordered one.

Prior to attending the evening I started reading the book.

The book had so many answers to questions I didn’t know I had.  These were the answers to things I wanted to know but didn’t know what questions to ask.

What I read has shown me that it doesn’t  matter who you are or what life you have lived, you can find peace and love and the truth of who you really are.

Then the night finally came for the presentation.  I didn’t know what to expect but I was looking forward to it every day leading up to it.

I was a bit anxious about what people were going to be there but I was pleasantly surprised to find different age groups and I didn’t end up being the only older person there.

Karen was warm and welcoming and the venue was perfect as we were surrounded by Crystals of all shapes and sizes.

It was wonderful hearing about her journey and there were moments when I couldn’t help but shed a tear.

It was great to be able to relate to some of her story and I was excited to hear about more profound things that she experienced on her journey to find the Truth of who she really is.

What I personally took away from this presentation was the knowledge that I was on the right path.  It was so encouraging to meet someone who has been on a journey not unlike mine and what can be achieved by not giving up.    Karen is undoubtedly proof of this.

Thank you so much K

Yvonne Engadine NSW.

Hi Karen,

You rock….. Great to meet you and looking forward to connecting again soon……..I am grateful for the work you have done inside! It shows because you are shining and are pouring out love …

I am grateful for your guidance ….. Many things that have been all around me but unseen by me were revealed because of the safe place you nurtured for all of us…..

Love to you from your friend


The techniques Karen gives us are helpful. The belly breathing lets me focus and be in the moment. My teacher Karen is very connected and peaceful.

Jasper 13yrs


I love going to meditation because I come home feeling happy and relaxed.At meditation you do fun things and learn what meditation can do. You learn to manage problems such as anger and anxiety.But my personal favourite, guided meditation and imagination journeys are just wonderful because I can explore my mind and I feel more happy and relaxed than ever before.

Chloe 12 yrs

Imagination journeys help me go to sleep and I use Belly breathing all the time to help me stay calm.

Reece 9 yrs