Springtime is my favourite time of year! I just love everything about it. Its a time of new growth, new beginnings, new life springs forth from seeds that have lain dormant just awaiting the appropriate conditions to burst forth with life.

Each little seed contains all that is required to reach maturity and bear the fruits it was  meant to grow. The blueprint for its life is within the core of the seed. So too each human being has within their core the divine blueprint for their life.It determines their makeup, their qualities, their personality, everything that will become their reality.

Life is a magnificent bursting forth of the truth that lay within and nature reflects this truth in a capacity like none other. There is such integrity in each and every minute seed, the plant that springs forth is an exact replica of that which was within. An apple tree cannnot bare oranges, it will not deviate from its origins , it responds to its inner wisdom and blossoms to reveal the truth within. The blossoms herald the arrival of the fruit and it is as reliable as the knowing  that day follows night and that the lifegiving rays of the sun will breathe new life onto the planet.

If the conditions are not appropriate the seed will not germinate, it will wait with unprecedented patience and then when the natural cycles of nature offer forth its gifts the innate wisdom within the seed will respond and will begin the incredible journey that creates the physical manifestation of its blueprint, its innate truth.

The perfection within nature’s design is a reflection of Divinity in its purist form. It is a physical way for human beings to experience the hands of God at work before their own eyes. It is the essence of the Divine that springs forth into life. As you revel in the beauty of a flower you  are experiencing the beauty and perfection of God, the Divine source of all.

The wonders and beauty of the natural world are made manifest as a gift from God so that all who open their hearts to its Divine magnificence actually touch and experience  their own Divine magnificence. Nature’s simple perfection is a mirror image of your own.

What a magnificent gift right before your eyes , yet so many do not see it! All that is required  is to see through the eyes of love as I do, through the innocence of a child who is completely present with each new experience and brings a sense of wonder and joy to all they perceive.  A freshness that is not tainted with judgements and beliefs. Their hearts are open and love flows freeely.

Oh were we all to be as a child at heart, what beauty and love we would experience and then create more of the same by responding to life and all that it brings through the eyes of love !


by Opel  September 2009. ( exerpt from “Through the Eyes of Love” through Karen Wade)