Soul Clarity sessions

Soul Clarity sessions with Karen Wade


When we come together I can help you, through direct experience, touch and feel the Truth
of who You Are.

I connect with your Higher Self, with your magnificence, to the place where we’re one. I go
into my heart and I meet you in your heart. I then hold the intent that what is in your
highest alignment transpires and allow whatever’s relevant for you, in that now moment, to
come forward.

My purified tone provides a unified, harmonious and loving space that
reflects the True light that you are inviting you to ‘see’ and dissolve any falseness or
limitation. If these fears or beliefs arise we can transmute them across all time and
dimensions, so they no longer impact your life. This is done in guided meditation.

Its such a beautiful experience to witness how clarity comes when you allow your focus to
be taken into your heart, to the pure ,magnificent love that you ARE.

To know the bigger picture of your True Self, through the direct experience of it, is life

To Book a Soul Clarity Session

Bookings are essential for a Soul Clarity session. Simply click the icon on this page to make your payment.

Once received I will contact you via email to arrange a time that is convenient for us to connect.

Our session can be done in person, via Skype or Zoom, or over the phone. Details for Skype or Zoom will be forwarded  via email.

I look forward to sharing Heart Space with you soon.

I had the most amazing connection to my heart and the deepest mediation I have been in with a session from Karen!

It’s life changing!!!!


Michelle - Wollongong

Thank you for your precious time and the enlightening day we spent together on Monday. The girls and I were literally transformed by the insights you presented to us from our higher selves and Archangels. In remembering who we truly are and why we are here at this time on Earth has brought a beautiful peace into my life and an inner knowing that I’m connected and on track – words just cannot express how appreciative I am. How blessed I am as an individual to know the truth of the beautiful family I have been gifted with, my heart sings!

Love light your path always

with great respect



Dearest Karen,

Firstly I wish to thank you for directing me back onto my right path. I have had a not surprisingly very emotional rollercoaster ride , but each time coming out of it  for the best and in the direction that feels right.  Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me to live the life I was meant to live. Your book helped and has given me further strength and clarity to look forward to what I always knew would the best to come.(just did not know how it was going to get there…now I know!!!).

Since then I have been openly expressing who I really am and proud of it. My son is asking a lot of questions and I am answering him truthfully in a way he can understand. He will be 9 in September. I am trying hard to teach him as I am learning and I feel he is quite mature and aware of angels and has great faith.

Lots of love,


Joulia Joukhador

On a personal note-thanks again for Sat!, truly wonderful experience!-I will carry with me for a long time




Thank you so much – I feel much more peaceful deep within. the crystal bowl to  An amazing experience. Feeling energetic and full of love and gratitude for all that I am and all that I have.

Love and thanks



A session with Karen is a life changing experience. Karen helped to identify and remove blockages that were hindering my spiritual growth, allowing my true self to shine through. She also helped me to see how much divine guidance is there for all of us , if only we open our hearts.

Love and light


Mandy xxx

Confused, emotional, light headed and pain. THEN………………  Gratitude, relief, joy, sense of being, direction and PEACE within.

A beautiful and very grounding and helpful experience.  Answered many questions I had and has changed the way I see the world as it is as well as myself.

Thank you Karen.



Today after having a session with you and revisiting my truth, the truth of who I am, (who we all are)…And finding the deep deep peace that resides within me I  feel inspired to write this testimonial.

Thank you for reminding me of my true essence and helping guide me back to living from my heart space. I feel I can see clearly now ‘ the story’ I have been lost in. I feel so calm, so peaceful, so connected, so much love…. What bliss !!

Hope this inspires others to see you. Endless love and light to you,

Emma xxx

Hello Karen,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful session I had with you last week, thank you for seeing me.

On a human level, it seems a lot to take in, but at the same time, what you said resonated with me.

I read what you wrote for me each day, and am letting all the information sink in. I have already started to notice that some of the rigidity in my thoughts is disintegrating as I absorb your message and contemplate what came through. I wish to continue my spiritual journey in whichever way that is right for me.

I am also re-reading your book.



Dearest Karen, what a insightful healing reading of great depth for me. We are blessed to have such LOVE you are Beautiful with love & gratitude

Tania . X

Karen’s Spiritual Clarity sessions have helped me immensely to unveil the truth of my life path. I am coming to understand aspects of self that have been ignored, forgotten and feared for much of my life.

Karen’s guidance is gentle & reassuring, yet clear & deeply profound.

My Clarity session with Karen was life changing as my heart opened to all I had been searching for.

Thank you Karen for shining your light so graciously, allowing me to reveal and remember my true self through all that you are.

With love, gratitude & deepest respect,


Nic xxoo

At the beginning of this year, I was blind-sided by a traumatic health matter, having me rushed to hospital and my life completely turned upside down. The impact of the situation left me feeling vulnerable, scared of dying, restless sleep, paranoid…I was not ‘myself’ and petrified of the world.

After seeing Karen, and in the weeks following our session, I have noticed myself become calmer, feel stronger, more assertive in seeking my needs and also listening to my heart. I keep a gratitude journal and combined with lifting my energy, clearing past life experiences and being free of those limitations, I do truly feel “alive” again, not part of the walking dead.

It has been a great, rewarding, calming and centring experience for me and I am truly grateful for the love, guidance, support and dedication that Karen applies to her work and clients.

Thankyou so much for your support !!!


Jody xx

Karen I just want to say thank you for showing me things that I never knew! Due to you, a lot of things makes sense now.

Have a beautiful day

Lots if love


Anna xx

Dear Karen,

Gratitude  for your loving care, groundedness, passion, and sincerity.  for the session.

You are a guiding light.  iT is hard to put into words what transpired during the session.

The resistance rose up unbidden and even giving permission for for change and allowing , think i tried too hard

THE expansion was undeniable and spaciousness of peace ..and vastness. jUSt sharing this with someone is great and confirmation of the wonder of of life

There was some slight turbulence at the same time especially around solar plexus.

My mantra now is glory be to god and on earth peace to all men. Am also more diligent in protection.

Blessings to you and yours Karen


love sue folwell xx