Soultime For Kids

Soultime for Kids

The souls entering our world in the ‘guise’ of children are totally amazing, wise, evolved beings that have chosen to take form to both experience and facilitate the shifts in consciousness required for ascension of the Mother and all life upon her.
Yet we see them as limited, from a human perspective.
In my many years of experience as both a school teacher and spiritual awareness mentor I have witnessed the wonder and wisdom of children when they are allowed to share their truth, their intuition and feel that they are heard and validated.

My Intention is to provide a safe loving environment for your child to explore how to use their breath, imagination and movement to deal with their thoughts, emotions and feelings. This leads to increased self esteem and confidence, a knowing that they are not their thoughts, that they can change how they feel, more ability to focus and learning how to respond to life with loving kindness.

We also explore the ‘bigger picture’ of life nurturing their soul awareness bringing clarity to their own innate wisdom.

I run weekly groups and various events in school holidays for children. If you are drawn to know more please contact me via the contact form.

The techniques Karen gives us are helpful. The belly breathing lets me focus and be in the moment. My teacher Karen is very connected and peaceful.


Jasper 13yrs

I love imagination journeys because I can go to different worlds, relax and I do it wherever I want I even use it in the playground at school.S.T.O.P. helps me be calmer but my favourite is C.Y.T. I practice it all the time and it keeps me calm and relaxed.


Grace. 8yrs

I go to Karen because I want to learn more about meditation as it makes me feel calm. Karen is loving.


Malachi 8yrs.

S.T.O.P. helps me Be love.


Chloe. 5yrs

I love going to meditation because I come home feeling happy and relaxed.At meditation you do fun things and learn what meditation can do. You learn to manage problems such as anger and anxiety.But my personal favourite, guided meditation and imagination journeys are just wonderful because I can explore my mind and I feel more happy and relaxed than ever before.


Chloe 12yrs

Imagination journeys help me go to sleep and I use Belly breathing all the time to help me stay calm.


Reece. 9yrs