Soul Immersion Retreats

Soul Immersion Retreats

Soul Immersion Retreats

Soul Immersion Retreats

Soul Immersion Retreats

Soul Immersion Retreats

Soul Immersion Retreats

Soul Immersion Retreats

“To know your True Self is to look within and there you will find a gift whose brilliance makes any material possession fade into insignificance.”

Soul Immersion Retreats

‘Come walk with me and experience a soul journey into the depths of your True Self.’

You will be held in a space of absolute love allowing your unique journey to unfold in Divine alignment for you.
There is no structure or program as your soul will call forward all that is perfect for you as I hold the space of love in total trust and allowance.
One of our greatest fears, the fear of the unknown/change, is also one of life’s greatest paradoxes. It can keep us limited or even completely immobilise us. I know through my own experience that what’s on the other side of this fear is Home! Is the Love, Freedom, Peace and Joy of your True Self!
If you are drawn to Come Home then take one step forward in trust…..and I will show you the way!

To book a private ‘Soul Immersion Retreat’  or for more information  please fill in the contact form .

Thank you so much for the incredibly life changing retreat.

I feel so happy right now. So much lighter and in touch with truth and reality.

As Karen’s Soul Immersion drew close, smoke and mirrors appeared like never before. Showing me the state of my inner world. Chaos, yelling, fear, control, approval and burden. I was awake enough to know that it didn’t feel good and it wasn’t how I wanted to live.

Despite all odds I followed my conviction to attend the retreat knowing that I absolutely had to be there. It was as if my soul was crying out for truth. Pleading for an opportunity to stop long enough to heal and reveal its true nature.

From the moment I arrived at Karen’s house I felt fully supported. As if I was being cradled in the arms of the Creator.

Every single thing that happened was perfect for my awakening.

Learning that I exist beyond creation and that I am in fact the one infinite creator has allowed me to experience freedom in every moment.

Practising paying close attention to my inner vibrational state of being has shown me a new perspective. I have been transformed.

Knowing my purpose for living has motivated me to reflect this to others so that I can flourish. Karen even taught me how to deal with a past life issue.

Thank you Karen for beautifully holding the space for me to expand my awareness enough to wake up and realise that it’s just a choice. A choice worth making over and over again until it becomes my only state of being. By living my truth everything else takes care of itself.

I have remembered the infinite nature and perfection of life and I am happy to be home.

Katie Stitt

Before and After

One unsuspecting day in early 2016, I wandered into a small meditation group that I had found through Facebook.  I was feebly emerging from the pointy end of a substantial trauma and thought that meditation might be a way for me to find my way back onto my path. Meeting Karen for the first time that day, I felt an immediate connection but had no idea that she would become such an important part of my life’s journey.  As the weeks and months passed, the connection grew until I reached the point where I realised that a weekly meditation class was not enough.  Karen and I began to talk about options and decided that the retreat was the most obvious choice.   My trust in Karen was complete as I had lived her authenticity for many months before deciding to commit to this next phase.  I came to the retreat with an open heart and mind and a genuine desire to live every moment to the fullest.  Karen’s commitment matched and exceeded my own and the experience was genuinely life changing.  Karen intuited every aspect of our time and each moment was in perfect alignment.  She held an amazing space of safety and love that allowed me to process massive amounts of information in a very short space of time. Her attention to detail was impeccable and there was never a moment where I felt that nothing less than my every need was being met.  From a physical perspective, the food and amenities were delightful. From a spiritual perspective, the opportunity to have uninterrupted access to Karen’s incredible intuition and font of knowledge was truly ground breaking. The best way that I can describe the impact of this retreat on me is to acknowledge that my life has now been divided into “before and after”.  Where previously I had seen life as a series of snap shots or photos, I now see it as a full motion picture – such is the change in my perception.  Through Karen’s guidance, I have unlocked a treasure trove of insight and understanding that has created such massive shifts in my life that it is as if I have entered a whole new dimension. No stone has been left unturned and there have been positive changes in absolutely every aspect of my life. Under Karen’s tutelage, I have been able to step out of a fear-based approach to life and now sit in such a space of pure love that abundance flows effortlessly.  Words fail me in being able to describe the level of gratitude I feel to Karen for her amazing act of service not only to me, but to the collective consciousness as a whole.

Norma Carrasco

What a incredible gift it was to share space together with you and Katie for our very own personalized retreat!
From the moment we entered your doorway I felt fully embraced and nurtured.  Your lightness of being, the powerful teachings, delicious vegan meals, beautiful spa pampering….Ahhhh…bliss!??
Your beautiful home and surroundings were so peaceful and really contributed to a feeling of being immersed in love.  That feeling of love allowed me to truly open my heart and experience what being in my heart space really feels like.  I feel changed and more fully awake.
Thank you for creating and guiding my soul to a new place of understanding and expansiveness.  The knowledge you shared about my beliefs around suffering was really life changing.  This was nothing I was ever consciously aware of, but with this knowledge and your help in clearing this belief I can mindfully remind myself that this is no longer my truth.  I am a divine being of light who deserves great joy….always!
The insights you provided and shifts you facilitated through the sharing of my dream were so powerful.  I can see too how my willingness to be open helped to clear a path for greater understanding.  Thank you to you and Katie for holding space for me to share of myself so freely.
Thank you for all the teachings you shared with us and the introduction to Bentinho.  This all felt so perfectly synchronistic with my interest in and visits to Sedona last year.  I’ve plugged into his Facebook and Instagram and will continue to explore his content and teachings via his website and Trifinity Academy.
Thank you from the depths of my heart for facilitating this soul immersion retreat for myself and Katie.  I feel tremendous gratitude for the experience and so comforted to know you are only a Skype call away to consult or assist on our journey.
With much gratitude, love and light to you always…..
Melissa Joyce

“You can’t create new worlds with old thoughts”

Last week, I embarked on a soul immersion retreat with Karen. I wasn’t 100% certain what was in store for me and on the surface, it seems like such a strange thing to do- to go and live in someone else’s house for a week. Someone who you barely knew for that matter. Seems bizarre! But in fact, it was totally natural and Karen made me feel right at home as soon as I arrived.

What I discovered was way more than I could possibly have expected or predicted. I realised how integral I am in shaping my reality and that if I wanted to see a better and more meaningful life for myself, I would have to begin with me; altering my perceptions, challenging long held and preconceived notions and ideas, and truly feeling my connection to consciousness and all that appears in my world.

Words can’t really express the gratitude I hold for Karen for guiding me through the process of ‘coming home’ to who I really am. Her warm, generous presence is such that it creates a safe haven for you to explore the spiritual aspects of your being.

If you have stumbled across this testimonial, you have done so for a reason. If you are seeking simple and profound clarity to all the big and important questions in life, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Karen to be your teacher and guide. Ask yourself, ‘What is 5 days out of my life compared to the possibility of changing your whole world?’

Sarah Baxter

Oh, to be held in such a safe & supporting circle, united through love with the most beautiful Women!  I was able to re-connect with my true self, & now I begin each new day allowing it to unfold with the flow of the universe… With eternal love & gratitude,

Lisa xxx

My Immersion Retreat with Karen was one of total peace, love and
gratitude. I went with the intent to have an open heart to all that was
in alignment for my soul.
On my arrival I could feel I was surrounded in love. As each day
passed, it became stronger and the nurturing I received on a soul and
physical level, enjoying delicious, nutritious meals and snacks you
could feel were made with love everyday. The accommodation of comfort,
pampering and beauty of Mother Nature that surrounded me daily. This was
something I had not experienced before.
The amount of preparation that Karen had done prior to my coming,
was totally in accordance to what my heart and soul desired. This was
seen by the synchronicity of events that happened, which made for
beautiful moments and memories to treasure. Releasing of deep seated
fears being one of them, gave me such a feeling of freedom.
All Karen’s guidance and knowing came from pure love and truth.
This was demonstrated each day, by her attentive nurturing way that was
filled with absolute love.
My time spent with Karen over these five days have totally changed
my life. Learning the simplicity of the truth about who we truly are.
This life is not meant to be hard, we make it hard by all the lies,
untruths, illusions that we adopt which creates all the fears we carry
throughout our lives. It feels like a huge yoke has been taken off my
shoulders, or like walking through the darkness coming into the light of
love. This is true absolute freedom, knowing your greatness, beauty,
magnificence, that you are the creator of you, able to create all the
beauty and love in our lives. Knowing we are surrounded by all our
unseen help and love always.
I thank you Karen for making available the space in which I was
able to come to the knowing of this Truth, that has filled me with so
much joy, peace, love and excitement on moving forward, BEING THE
CREATOR OF MY LIFE with absolute love, being one with all that is. My
Own Heaven On Earth.
Maria xxxxxx

Maria Canini

I was very fortunate to attend a beautiful retreat in Bali facilitated by this marvellous team.

The facilitators, with their innovative program enabled me in a supportive environment to express myself and learn through meditation, art therapy, and other creative ways.

I completed the program with practical techniques to live my daily life with greater confidence, freedom, courage, joy and awareness.

Not to be missed.



The following was my intention for the journey in Bali and I feel as though it was achieved and so much more has unfolded since:

My intent is to journey deep into my heart to connect and become who I really am.  To be completely aligned with Source so as our light shines into the universe to touch every living thing, which will allow for their light to shine and lift all of humanity to their rightful place.



Sheryl Page

The time spent in Bali was precious. Our facilitators in spirit of faith and love, guided, accepted and nurtured us, all with our individual natures through paths of self unknown to ourselves. My heart is open and I accept myself now .Gratitude to all who were there in this Life changing experience.



love Susan