My Immersion Retreat with Karen was one of total peace, love and
gratitude. I went with the intent to have an open heart to all that was
in alignment for my soul.
On my arrival I could feel I was surrounded in love. As each day
passed, it became stronger and the nurturing I received on a soul and
physical level, enjoying delicious, nutritious meals and snacks you
could feel were made with love everyday. The accommodation of comfort,
pampering and beauty of Mother Nature that surrounded me daily. This was
something I had not experienced before.
The amount of preparation that Karen had done prior to my coming,
was totally in accordance to what my heart and soul desired. This was
seen by the synchronicity of events that happened, which made for
beautiful moments and memories to treasure. Releasing of deep seated
fears being one of them, gave me such a feeling of freedom.
All Karen’s guidance and knowing came from pure love and truth.
This was demonstrated each day, by her attentive nurturing way that was
filled with absolute love.
My time spent with Karen over these five days have totally changed
my life. Learning the simplicity of the truth about who we truly are.
This life is not meant to be hard, we make it hard by all the lies,
untruths, illusions that we adopt which creates all the fears we carry
throughout our lives. It feels like a huge yoke has been taken off my
shoulders, or like walking through the darkness coming into the light of
love. This is true absolute freedom, knowing your greatness, beauty,
magnificence, that you are the creator of you, able to create all the
beauty and love in our lives. Knowing we are surrounded by all our
unseen help and love always.
I thank you Karen for making available the space in which I was
able to come to the knowing of this Truth, that has filled me with so
much joy, peace, love and excitement on moving forward, BEING THE
CREATOR OF MY LIFE with absolute love, being one with all that is. My
Own Heaven On Earth.
Maria xxxxxx