Thank you so much for the incredibly life changing retreat.
I feel so happy right now. So much lighter and in touch with truth and reality.

As Karen’s Soul Immersion drew close, smoke and mirrors appeared like never before. Showing me the state of my inner world. Chaos, yelling, fear, control, approval and burden. I was awake enough to know that it didn’t feel good and it wasn’t how I wanted to live.

Despite all odds I followed my conviction to attend the retreat knowing that I absolutely had to be here. It was as if my soul was crying out for truth. Pleading for an opportunity to stop long enough to heal and reveal its true nature.

From the moment I arrived at Karen’s house I felt fully supported. As if I was being cradled in the arms of the Creator.

Every single thing that happened was perfect for my awakening.

Learning that I exist beyond creation and that I am in fact the one infinite creator has allowed me to experience freedom in every moment.

Practising paying close attention to my inner vibrational state of being has shown me a new perspective. I have been transformed.

Knowing my purpose for living has motivated me to reflect this to others so that I can flourish. Karen even taught me how to deal with a past life issue.

Thank you Karen for beautifully holding the space for me to expand my awareness enough to wake up and realise that it’s just a choice. A choice worth making over and over again until it becomes my only state of being. By living my truth everything else takes care of itself.

I have remembered the infinite nature and perfection of life and I am happy to be home.

Love Kitty

What a incredible gift it was to share space together with you and Katie for our very own personalized retreat!
From the moment we entered your doorway I felt fully embraced and nurtured.  Your lightness of being, the powerful teachings, delicious vegan meals, beautiful spa pampering….Ahhhh…bliss!??
Your beautiful home and surroundings were so peaceful and really contributed to a feeling of being immersed in love.  That feeling of love allowed me to truly open my heart and experience what being in my heart space really feels like.  I feel changed and more fully awake.
Thank you for creating and guiding my soul to a new place of understanding and expansiveness.  The knowledge you shared about my beliefs around suffering was really life changing.  This was nothing I was ever consciously aware of, but with this knowledge and your help in clearing this belief I can mindfully remind myself that this is no longer my truth.  I am a divine being of light who deserves great joy….always!
The insights you provided and shifts you facilitated through the sharing of my dream were so powerful.  I can see too how my willingness to be open helped to clear a path for greater understanding.  Thank you to you and Katie for holding space for me to share of myself so freely.
Thank you for all the teachings you shared with us and the introduction to Bentinho.  This all felt so perfectly synchronistic with my interest in and visits to Sedona last year.  I’ve plugged into his Facebook and Instagram and will continue to explore his content and teachings via his website and Trifinity Academy.
Thank you from the depths of my heart for facilitating this soul immersion retreat for myself and Katie.  I feel tremendous gratitude for the experience and so comforted to know you are only a Skype call away to consult or assist on our journey.
With much gratitude, love and light to you always…..