Quantum Self Realisation for B.O.M.s - Beings of Magnitude...Here to Change the World

Karen’s Message  

         Quantum Self Realisation

           6 Week “live” Experience


Thursday 28th November

6:30-8:30pm AEDT

Quantum Self Realisation

Experience the full magnitude of Self with trust and conviction in your knowing…

Creating the freedom, clarity and passion to fully express your unique gifts

Helping to create a New World for all.

Are You  Heart Based, Freedom Driven and Self Initiating?


Are you trying to ‘fit into’ a world that feels foreign to you, where nothing reflects your knowing and you feel like nobody ‘gets’ you or ‘sees’ you? Perhaps you’re lost and feeling confused knowing you’re here to share your uniqueness, your gifts with the world yet not knowing how to. Or are you here to build the new ‘systems’ to help humanity and the world evolve?


Are you ready to Be all you took form to Be?

Are you ready to fulfill your blueprint, your reason for Being?

Are you committed to creating the new and freely expressing your unique gifts?


Then I have created the Quantum Self Realisation


6 week ‘live’ Experience for YOU!



Thursday 28th November

6:30-8:30pm AEDT


Week 1 – Set Your Foundations

  • What are your main challenges?
  • How would you like to benefit from this experience?
  • Subtleties of energy
  • Clearing chakras, body and your fields.
  • Internal Guidance System…Zero Point

Week 2 – Free from 3D

  • Understanding the link between your current vehicle and 3D
  • Feeling into your toroidal field
  • What is plasma?
  • Freeing you from 3D

Week 3 – Exploring your Multi Dimensional Self

  • What does MD self mean for you?
  • What does full spectrum of self mean for you?
  •  Native Density, Tone Frequency.

Week 4 – Claiming Your Sovereignty.

  • What is Sovereignty?
  • What are soul contracts?
  • Clearing contracts, vows, agreements and alliances.

Week 5 –  Revealing and Anchoring Your Blueprint

  • Am I ok with bringing all of me here?
  • What is in the way of my full self realisation and embodiment?
  • What is my Blueprint?
  • Calling in my unique gifts and codes.
  • Anchoring my Blueprint and MD self.

Week 6 – Clarity Moving Forward

  • Revisiting initial challenges.
  • DNA..how many strands are online?
  • Feeling into potential timelines
  • A new vehicle? Connecting this to Earth’s core and grids.
  • Discernment required as a BOM.
  • Aligned action moving forward.

Your 6 week Quantum Self Realisation Experience will be shared with only 3 other BOMs

Allowing optimal time for each magnificent BOM to fully engage and receive all their heart is calling forward.

Weekly 2hr interactive group zoom call.

Private Facebook group where we can connect, share, ask questions and receive clarity.

Each week you will receive a link to the recording of  call to keep as a personal resource.

Special guest in weeks 3 and 6 to offer his amazing gifts as a Self Realised Quantum BOM.

I have been there too! I know how it feels to be ‘different’, to feel as though no-one ‘sees’ or understands you. To know you’re here to share your uniqueness/gifts with the world yet not knowing how to. 

As a self realised being I offer you the tools, from my own experience, to help you remember your True Self. My purified tone catalyzes, amplifies and accelerates this as it reflects the True Light that You ARE inviting you to ‘see’ and dissolve any falseness or limitation. You will then stabilise in your tone as you come Home to Self. 

I ‘see’ you and hold you in your highest truth with full Faith that you know your infinite potential and the full spectrum of your multi dimensional self. 

I have mastered my tone, activated and fully actualised my initial blueprint and can show you how to do the same by anchoring your magnitude into your human vehicle. 

Thankyou for choosing to Be and sharing your gifts helping to create a whole new world for all. 

            Quantum Self Realisation



                 2 Day Immersion




By Tom a Magnificent BOM

I first met Karen  when we were doing a program together.  One of the things that we do in this program is MD work ( multidimensional work).When we first started I had  no idea what I was doing until one day I remembered that I am a 9D being native from Earth but everything  was so  new to me , I didn’t know how to deal with it. I was having some symptoms because of all the fear of not being safe to anchor here that I started to have so  much pain in my body and also creating even more chaos . So I asked Karen for help , it was my best decision. She makes me feel so safe and she creates this space of unconditional love that is perfect for us to release all fears , to expand and finally just  be who we truly are: multidimensional beings living in this space time.The relief I felt after our session and the sense of peace, of being safe to be who I truly am here and now is something that I wish every single one of my brothers and sisters to feel.
If you are out there looking for someone to understand who you are , what you are going through and in the most loving way guide you to anchor all your magnitude in our planet , I am happy to say that you will find all of this and much more in Karen. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for Karen’s work.
Definitely a game changer and a life saver. Marina

Friends – above is an offer to work with the truly wonderful Karen Wade. If you feel drawn to supporting the shift currently in action on planet earth, Karen’s desire and the program she is offering here is designed to draw you into the maximum offering of your gift. From personal experience, Karen holds a tender and vast space, she is remarkably intuitive, deeply sincere, tolerates very little BS and radiates a humble power.

Last year, in around 6 minutes, she helped me cut through a story I had been telling myself for decades and got to the nugget within…I wept for a good few hours after that conversation, and experienced a deep and penetrating release from some pain I had dragged around for far too long…

Listen, each of us feels a call to serve and support, to create and rebuild this society – and if that’s part of your blueprint, if you really wanna play on that field – you definitely need support. Karen has been in that mix for a good amount of time, long before it was even remotely “cool” and way before social media offered us a space to gather. This is a woman who has bravely lived her truth for some decades now and holds to a powerful center line of integrity.

She can and will deeply serve those fortunate enough to jump into this offering…who will be the lucky ones?

Stephen Shelley

Karen’s  sessions have helped me immensely to unveil the truth of my life path. I am coming to understand aspects of self that have been ignored, forgotten and feared for much of my life.

Karen’s guidance is gentle & reassuring, yet clear & deeply profound.

My Clarity session with Karen was life changing as my heart opened to all I had been searching for.

Thank you Karen for shining your light so graciously, allowing me to reveal and remember my true self through all that you are.

With love, gratitude & deepest respect, Nic