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“We dedicate this book with unconditional love to every human soul seeking Truth and its Enlightenment”

“The book is brilliant, have started reading it. It is inspirational, raw & honest. Definitely recommend.

Karen I am so touched and moved by your book, it is stirring up so much in me- so rich with honesty and inspiration. Thankyou xxx” Jody

“It is so full of truth I loved it and wont to order a box of then to give to others as I think it so important to share this knowledge Thanks ever so much love and light” Matt, NSW.



“Never before in Earth’s short history has an opportunity so vast been available for human souls to experience”
“The works contained herein are a unique collection of writing that has been gifted to the world at this precise time to help facilitate the ascension of Earth and all her life forms.
The reader will experience eleven different energies as they travel through the journey of truth contained within this book. The presence of each energy will trigger the awakening of truth with each reader on many levels. Dormant seeds of knowledge held within each human soul will blossom into life, genetic codes within their DNA will open allowing the truth of each human soul’s Divine heritage to awaken within them.
The light of truth that awakens in each reader will be as a contagion spreading rapidly around the world. Mankind’s consciousness will expand at an unprecedented rate due to the laws of attraction and harmonic resonance. This expansion in consciousness will produce enormous change heralding the dawn of a New Era for Earth and all life upon her.
Not only will Earth, her life forms and the known universe be for ever changed, the impact will be felt through all of existence thus expanding the Source of all life.
The enormity of the impact the truth contained within these words will have, will begin to reveal itself by the popularity of this book. Human souls are yearning for peace, joy and love and the light of truth within the words and more powerfully the presence of each energy, will facilitate an inner revelation of truth on such a vast scale that its reverberations will touch every human soul incarnated on the planet.

15 reviews for Truth Creates Heaven on Earth – Book

  1. midge

    From the Author
    In 2008 my heart led me to leave my family for 9 weeks to stay in a little cabin overlooking Pigeon House Mountain( NSW, Australia) to write a book that would absolutely change my life.

    I had to face one of my greatest fears, the fear of being alone and in the process of writing discovered the Truth of who I Am and my reason for Being. How precious it is to discover that I already held within me that which I had always sought from outside sources .I had found the answer to life’s greatest question and I now know that life is eternal. My body may cease to be, yet I, the essence that is the true me, lives on and is eternal. Such a deep sense of peace comes with this knowing.

    “I feel so very, very blessed to have experienced the amazing journey of writing this book. It has opened wide my heart and taken me to a place of deep contentment, peace and joy. I feel very different. So much has happened within me that it’s hard to find the words to express the unfolding that has taken place.

    I have journeyed home to my true self by the grace of Light and a willingness to listen to and follow my heart. I feel as though I’m standing on the threshold of a new beginning filled with such love and contentment in each moment.

    May your inward journey to your true self be one of beauty unfolding illuminated by the love and light of the Divine.

  2. midge

    I looked up the website… your journey is an inspiration to others……I acknowledge your courage and what you have achieved through “letting go” and “trusting the process”….although at times it is not as easy as it sounds….the book is a beautiful reflection of your journey to share with others on a similar path!!
    Jeanette Bond

  3. midge

    I have nearly finished the book, It is so full of truth I loved it and wont to order a box of then to give to others as I think it so important to share this knowledge, could you let me know how much for a box and how many in a box I will be in Tamworth next week and I will see you then. Thanks ever so much love and light.
    Matt, NSW.

  4. midge

    Hello Karen, I am almost finished reading your book how I wish I had skipped going to the healing class and had attended your seminar in Tamworth. This would be the strangest book I have ever read I was not able to read the last 2 chapters until just recently, I tried to read these on many occasions but could not read past the first paragraph. Then out of the blue something told me to try again and I’m nearly finished I will read again, in the ensuing months I have read a couple of Doreen Virtues’ books on angles.Also reading a couple of Esther and Jerry Hicks these are mind blowing as well. When I can afford the trip I would very much like to travel to attend some of your seminars this book is so profound I will have to read again and again.
    Just to fill you in my appointment time was around 2.30 on Saturday I am over weight. And, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this book just in the last few days my life has changed I feel great, on top of the world, content, happy, I am Relocating some fat cells so far 6.3kgs I believe I have never felt so free I cannot stop smiling I have a great feeling of anticipation, joy, enthusiasm, I can only put it down to the learning gained from these books you should be very very proud next pension I will get a copy for my sister and a very good friend (do you have a hard copy edition)
    Thank you from a very joyful heart,
    Ann Donohue

  5. midge

    My name is Tracey Smith.
    Recently my Mother-in-law passed away and while she was in hospital a family friend named Sheryl Page literally threw your book into my lap.
    Sheryl meant it for my husband but I had asked my guides for help while driving to Tamworth and I knew the book was meant for me to read.
    I really love your honesty and your book helped me get through that period with love and beauty.
    I have just re-read your book and I am now following the urge to contact you for a phone session for spiritual clarity if this service is still available.
    Thank you,x

  6. midge

    I have also refocused by rereading the last three chapters of your book, and epilogue. It says so much more to me now, than it did when I read it previously. I understand it from a totally different perspective and knowing now, after all that has unfolded, and what a fantastic thing that is.
    A world of thanks and love to you and all that you do.
    Dehlia xxx

  7. midge

    Dear Karen,
    Thank you for your beautiful email & thank you more so for embodying this truth that I am slowly awakening to.
    The words within your email have been infiltrating all week & each day I feel more & more alive with connectedness.
    I often re-read sections of the book finding greater depth of understanding within me each time..
    All my love & gratitude
    Nic xoo

  8. midge

    I just finished your book. I read one chapter at a time and let it sink in. Over my years of reading, Buddhist study, seminars and such, I have been exposed to much of this message but it was put together in one place with such clarity and love. I had discussions about the book with my friend Joan and will be giving it to her this week to read. It is a precious gift and motivates me to move toward the LIGHT with more concentration. I am able to think about my fears in a new way. I am grateful to know you all. I have been reading parts of the book to my friend Curtis who is a very poor reader. He was very interested in the last chapter where you, Karen, describe getting yourself out of the way. God is a friend in his life. He is always trying to hear God’s will for him but he doubts what he hears. He felt a kinship with your struggle.
    Sandy, USA.

  9. midge

    Dearest Karen
    I would like to share with you my feelings after reading your book, Truth Creates Heaven on Earth and some of the impact that it has had on me personally.
    The writings and messages of both yourself and the Collective of Lightworkers, was presented in an easy to understand language that seemed to be easily absorbed by both my mind and my heart.
    Each chapter presented messages and information that had common themes, yet unique to each of the Lightworkers.
    Whilst reading the book I could physically feel my heartspace expanding and I experienced several moments of joy and excitement as I recognised, realised and understood the truth in the words.
    I have found myself questioning many things since reading this book, in particular asking myself if I am coming from a place of love or fear?
    I believe this book will continue to have an impact, well after I have read the final pages.
    Thank you Karen for sharing your journey with extreme honesty. In particular, the sharing of your fears, doubts and vulnerabilities.
    This reminds me that we are all one, I am You, You are Me and we are all a perfect expression on light, connected though our heart centre to the source of all life.
    Brightest blessings to you Karen.”
    With love

  10. midge

    We met at the Chocolate Tree and you gifted me Truth Creates Heaven On Earth. I finished it! That is a wonderful confirmation that spoke to my Heart confirming what I know and reminding of what I’ve forgotten. I Love You! I’ve shared it by paying it forward and I speak for all when I say thank you so so much. Love and Gratitude.
    David Sedona, USA.

  11. midge

    Ionna wrote:
    “How do I know when a book is touching my heart? …… When I am reading it with a pen and a pad of hot pink post-it notes at hand. x x”

  12. midge

    “This book is in alignment with the changes happening on this planet in our time.
    Truth creates heaven on earth is an insight to everyone willing to uncover a new perspective of our world view,
    by taking part in creating light on the earth with our evolving conciousness.”
    Maya Cowley (Transpersonal Art Therapist)

  13. midge

    “The book resonated with something deep within me. The collection of the collective and the different energies was easy to read and each energy had many words of wisdom to share with the reader.
    It is a book that the reader can read again and again and receive a message that is meaningful for them at that time. This book excited me and reminded me that the future of our planet and the universe is indeed a positive one.”
    Warmest regards
    Anne Joyce
    Training Co-Ordinator

  14. midge

    I just wanted to say a big thankyou to Karen and the Collective of Lightworkers for such an inspirational book.It had me experiencing many different feelings to the point of being in tears of joy.I’ve been searching for the truth for so many years in religions; I know now that I have found the Truth!It just felt so right this book! I look forward to growing and awakening my inner light further. The right book has always made itself known on this my spiritual journey.
    love Maria. Kiama NSW.

  15. midge

    “Thank you thank you thank you!
    Truth is such a wonderful gentle book. I have have been reading spiritual books intensely for 3 or so years as part of my own journey. Truth is the best one I have read
    Partly I suspect because it is optimistic and partly because it is clear in use of language and the message conveyed. For what is is worth I believe things are changing and the message is getting clearer and clearer. We are blessed to live in unique times where, if you seek, you can find.
    Take the Seth material from the 1960’s – not an easy read- and compare it to Conversations with God. To my mind there is an evolution at hand in the material and the clarity with which it is being revealed to us is increasing . Truth is a step beyond beyond both of these ‘classics’.
    Once Truth becomes read beyond a threshold I believe it will stand as one of the great messages to the world and be widely read.
    On a personal note it has encouraged me to pursue my path with more openness and to .feel more relaxed about seeking a life that is more authentic for me. Like you I am juggling being a husband father and working
    My copy of Truth is currently on loan to another seeker and I intend buying copies as gifts for selected friends.”

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