Quantum Self Realisation for BOMs – 6Week Experience


Your 6 week Quantum Self Realisation Experience will be shared with only 6 other BOMs

allowing optimal time for each magnificent BOM to fully engage and receive all their heart is calling forward.

Weekly 2hr interactive group zoom call.

Private Facebook group where we can connect, share, ask questions and receive clarity.

Special guest in weeks 3 and 6 to offer his amazing gifts as a Self Realised Quantum BOM.

Commencing Thursday 14th May

7-9am AEST

          (Time may vary according to the timezones of participants)


Friends – here is an offer to work with the truly wonderful Karen Wade. If you feel drawn to supporting the shift currently in action on planet earth, Karen’s desire and the program she is offering here is designed to draw you into the maximum offering of your gift. From personal experience, Karen holds a tender and vast space, she is remarkably intuitive, deeply sincere, tolerates very little BS and radiates a humble power.

Last year, in around 6 minutes, she helped me cut through a story I had been telling myself for decades and got to the nugget within…I wept for a good few hours after that conversation, and experienced a deep and penetrating release from some pain I had dragged around for far too long…

Listen, each of us feels a call to serve and support, to create and rebuild this society – and if that’s part of your blueprint, if you really wanna play on that field – you definitely need support. Karen has been in that mix for a good amount of time, long before it was even remotely “cool” and way before social media offered us a space to gather. This is a woman who has bravely lived her truth for some decades now and holds to a powerful center line of integrity.

She can and will deeply serve those fortunate enough to jump into this offering…who will be the lucky ones?


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