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6 reviews for Personalised Meditations

  1. KarenW

    I have known Karen for many years and find she is a person of integrity and inspiration..

    The meditation she has prepared is of great benefit. Not only for convenience on my mobile phone, but the soothing, loving nature of the meditation , helping consolidate who we are.
    I use it before massaging clients and can stay in the love presence easier resulting in the client being more expansive and open to relaxation.

    Thank you Karen


  2. KarenW

    “Karen’s personalised meditations are like your own private cheerleading team.
    Her strong connection to source shows through her insights. Karen has an amazing ability to bring through just the right words during a meditation, which allows you to tap into areas that can be transformed and healed instantaneously. The effects can be felt on a cellular level and beyond!

    I love this medium of transmuting blocks as it’s so empowering and can take it as far as I need. I am so much happier with the person I am today thanks to Karen’s support and guidance. ”

    So much love Deb Reiman. xxx

  3. KarenW

    I am truly grateful for the gift of Karen’s personalised meditation. Each time I listen to it, I am taken on a journey of the heart that is absolutely amazing. The journey is relaxing and a way to truly connect to my inner voice. Karen’s voice is calming and very easy to listen to. After the meditation I always have more clarity and understanding about any situation. Above all, I reach a space of deep connectedness and love that is impossible to describe. Much love and gratitude always. Anne Minogue ?

  4. KarenW

    Getting a personalised meditation is the permission slip you are giving yourself to diver deeper into who you truly are, to know that space where you feel whole, are loved, and are love all at the same time. A space where you meet yourself truly and feel like you are home without exception, while all else that feels unnecessary can fall away. Karen’s personalised meditations will take you to this space in the most purest of ways that is perfect for you and your unique spirit. Karen’s ability to channel what your soul wants to hear and sit in meditation with is from a place of total love and light and nothing but the truth will find you, and it will also hold you. To be taken on a journey through meditation to know your true self and allow the mind-body to fall away is true peace. Karen’s gentle words and heartfelt love permeate her meditations and they will ripple through your being, being felt at the core of who you are. Her meditations guide you to your own shining light and radiance, and her gentle and supportive energy will softly lead you to where you are meant to land. Deb Frazer xx

  5. KarenW

    Often people say they can’t meditate. There’s stress generated in ‘trying’ to meditate.

    Karen’s personalised meditations are a great way to step into this idea of letting go as she guides and fosters your focus. This makes meditation much more easy.

    Karen’s personalised meditation are poignant and relevant. Relevant may not always be what you imagined. The benefit comes from allowing that which we are sometimes blinded from to guide us into our truth. This in turn frees us from prisons of thought and emotion.

    Whilst in meditation, Karen’s ability to stay neutral and grounded in love allows her to tune into relevance.

    Powerful personal insights are achievable when we allow our thoughts to subside. This is the opportunity Karen offers in her personalised meditations. Angela

  6. KarenW

    Thank you Karen for your love, support and guidance in your one-on-one meditation and larger group meditation classes over the years. Not only have your classes been beneficial for my own growth and development but on a larger scale a huge shift in human consciousness. To feel the beautiful Bliss that resides within me and all around, can only be described as peace, joyfulness and freedom.
    With Love & Gratitude Wendy

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