in 1992 I met a woman named Barbara Joy Poschinger who shared with me a miracle which totally transformed her life and the truth of this experience was so profound that it totally transformed my life. Barbara had terminal TB [in her 40’s], she had a hole 3″ in diameter in one lung and the other lung was pitted with lesions. Her husband had been called as she wasn’t expected to make it through the night and she could hear him in the professor’s office in the next building as she had already started to slip into the other dimension where there is no time or distance. She then moved out of the left side of her body, all pain had gone and she was surrounded by 7 luminous radiant beings of light, totally filled with the most beautiful unconditional love

In the distance she heard a voice saying “Barbara, Anthony needs you.” (Anthony was her 2 1/2 year old son.) With that she found herself back in her body wracked with pain..

The 3rd time she left her body and went into the blissful state she had been in both times before the voice had a  sense of urgency “Barbara, Anthony needs you!” And she was back in her body filled with pain and she could hear the sound of a clock getting louder and louder. She knew time was running out and she had to make a decision as no-one dies without their own approval. In that moment, with not an ounce of physical strength left to resist, she surrendered to the light within saying “My will is your will.”

In the days that followed seven beautiful radiant beings of light surrounded her bed and filled her with loving light. Eighty days later she left hospital totally healed. The lung tissue had healed and the x-rays revealed tiny shadows where gaping holes had once been. It was a miracle, according to the professor, as lung tissue, once destroyed, never healed, let alone grew back. He told her that she would always be weak and not able to be very physical,10 yrs later she was trekking in Nepal.

This experience transformed her forever. She had experienced the true reality, her consciousness had expanded and she knew that life was eternal !

Something inside me responded to the truth Barbara shared and I trained with her for the last 10yrs of her life, {she passed at 86} which was absolutely lifechanging. After her funeral a few of us, who had trained with her, were trying to work out how we could continue her work and then an amazing thing happened, she spoke to us through one of the girls. It was the most beautiful time, I was able to say goodbye and we sorted out many things together. Barbara proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Life is Eternal, what a gift! A short time later I began to “hear” Barbara and I committed to write the book that I thought was her book that she had always spoken about, but it turned out to be so much more…in 2008 my heart led me to leave my family for 9 weeks to stay in a little cabin overlooking Pigeon House Mountain, (NSW), to write this book that absolutely changed my life. I was told in meditation that a Collective of Lightworkers would each share Truth, I knew Barbara was one of them and I trusted that the rest would reveal themselves in Divine timing.This coming together of ascended masters , saints and angels was of an unprecedented magnitude reflecting the magnitude of the times Earth is experiencing in this phase of her evolution. I had to face one of my greatest fears, the fear of being alone and in the process of writing/scribing this book called “Truth Creates Heaven on Earth” I discovered the Truth of who I am and my reason for Being. How precious it is to discover that I already held within me that which I had always sought from outside sources. I had found the answer to life’s greatest question and I now know that life is eternal and that I am a magnificent creative being of divine light with the same potential as the source of All. Since writing/scribing this book I am creating my Heaven on Earth. My husband and I have left our old life and created a whole new beginning in beautiful Lake Conjola, (NSW, Australia) where the magnificence of nature that surrounds us nurtures and nourishes the soul.The message contained within the book is for all souls seeking Truth and its enlightenment. “Human souls are yearning for peace, joy and love. The light of truth within the words and more powerfully the presence of each energy will facilitate an inner revelation of truth on such a vast scale that its reverberations will touch every human soul incarnated on the planet. I have journeyed home to my true self by the grace of Light and a willingness to listen to and follow my heart. I feel as though I’m standing on the threshold of a new beginning filled with such love and contentment in each moment. May your inward journey to your true self be one of beauty unfolding, illuminated by the love and light of the DivineThis book has been gifted to humanity at this precise time to help facilitate the ascension of earth and all her lifeforms.

Article for  Sedona Journal  2010