Images – Truth Creates Heaven On Earth


Angela Macpherson has surrendered to the Will of the Divine allowing it to paint through her brush to create the cover of this book and vision that heads Archangel Michael’s chapter. Her co-creations truly capture and reflect the magnificent radiance of truth contained herein. We acknowledge her willingness to allow this co-creation and honour  the time and her loving dedication to this end.
Mark Kenny has shown his ability to capture the Divine essence of truth within each presence. His photos reflect the beauty and magnificence of nature allowing you to bask in your own reflected magnificence. It is by the grace of the Divine nature of Mark that he can produce such photos. We acknowledge his loving service to the light in the many forms it takes. He has created the vision for Ezekiel, Archangel Gabriel, St. Francis, Lord Melkizedek, The Lord and the photos of our only incarnate energy Karen Wade.