Heart Gatherings

Heart Gatherings

Such a lovely group of beautiful souls came together in our  gatherings last year and I know this year will bring so much love into our lives!

I have been guided to open the ‘Heart Gatherings’ to serve as a safe haven to nurture and guide all who are opening their hearts.

So much is shifting and changing now and for many it is very confronting and at times even confusing.
By coming together as the ‘Oneheart’ we help each other transition through these rapidly changing times with Love, Grace and Harmony and move more fully into our Self Mastery.

A beautiful support network is created that not only serves the individual but uplifts all for as each allows their magnificence to shine they illuminate all life.



We Gather  for 3 hours-   in Lake Conjola  1st Saturday of the month

in  Sydney (Sutherland Shire) 2nd Sunday of the month

and in Kiama  the last Wednesday of the month.


If your heart calls you to come you can share in this truth  for an exchange of  $60.
Please contact me on 0418428046 or via the contact form, to confirm your place or make an enquiry.
Many Blessings

To come together at a Heart Gathering through meditation with like-minded and gracious people was immensely powerful and created a very strong connection to source. I know and feel during these Heart Gatherings that light is illuminated in that space bringing healing to all and Mother Earth on many levels. Through her teachings, Karen’s soft words provide a deep and gentle connection to source and the feelings of warmth and love are abundant. I always walked away from these sessions reminded of my truth and with a happy heart, feeling connected and content, but powerful at the same time.

Deb Frazer

Thank you to all the group for bringing the energy of Oneness to the Academy.

I channeled Master Korton yesterday who said that the Academy is a Light Ship and has now been fueled (on Monday Night) and can now take people to other dimensions to experience the energy of the Masters on a Monday Night.  We are all so grateful to you.

I even remembered at the Dentist yesterday while he was filling my tooth to give him a Oneness Blessing.

Lots of love,



Karen Wade and Mandy De Lore shared their ONENESS experience from the work they did in Bali on Monday night and we found we were taken into the ONENESS with them. The sharing came in the form of meditation with visualisation and then later another with crystal bowl and also through telling their stories.  ONENESS can be called Christ Consciousness, I AM Presence…it has many names. We felt so blessed that they came. What impressed me personally was when the younger members of the group were asked to share with us the effect their experience had on their daily lives now they are back, each said how they were able to hold the ONENESS and found they were looking at people from a different perspective and how sharing love each day with people whether they are on trains, buses or at work was now their focus. One lovely young women laughed as she said, “I just love everybody.”.

The Academy has been so enriched by this experience and yet excited at the same time because now as a group, we will be able to pass this onto everyone that comes and enrich their lives too.

May Peace and Peace and Peace be everywhere.

Rosemary Butterworth

The heart gathering has changed my life. It has shown me that following my heart, my truth, is the only way in which to live. Karen has given me the tools to help deal with the general ups and downs of life and I feel more balanced and centred. I know more than ever before how important it is to be present in every moment, to truly acknowledge the ‘now’ and the beauty that surrounds us. I am able to see my magnificence and move forward with love, grace and harmony, no matter what obstacles lay before me. There is no fear. I am eternally grateful and feel so much love.
Anne. xx

When I saw the flier in the window for “A Journey of the Heart” something stirred inside me.  Without hesitation I went inside and booked myself in.

When I got home I looked up on the Internet about the book  (Truth Creates Heaven on Earth) and ordered one.

Prior to attending the evening I started reading the book.

The book had so many answers to questions I didn’t know I had.  These were the answers to things I wanted to know but didn’t know what questions to ask.

What I read has shown me that it doesn’t  matter who you are or what life you have lived, you can find peace and love and the truth of who you really are.

Then the night finally came for the presentation.  I didn’t know what to expect but I was looking forward to it every day leading up to it.

I was a bit anxious about what people were going to be there but I was pleasantly surprised to find different age groups and I didn’t end up being the only older person there.

Karen was warm and welcoming and the venue was perfect as we were surrounded by Crystals of all shapes and sizes.

It was wonderful hearing about her journey and there were moments when I couldn’t help but shed a tear.

It was great to be able to relate to some of her story and I was excited to hear about more profound things that she experienced on her journey to find the Truth of who she really is.

What I personally took away from this presentation was the knowledge that I was on the right path.  It was so encouraging to meet someone who has been on a journey not unlike mine and what can be achieved by not giving up.    Karen is undoubtedly proof of this.

Thank you so much Karen.


Yvonne Engadine NSW

For many years I had felt a difficulty in belonging in relationships and this world.

The Heart Gatherings with Karen Wade’s guidance has opened my Heart to healing, possibilities and knowledge of self and this universe.

The Heart Gatherings are an essential in my life to stop, check in and feel the Wonder and Love within and without.”


Susan Folwell