Group Meditation

Group Meditation

Meditation is such a gift in my life allowing me to access  the depths of my heart and the peace, wisdom, joy, beauty and magnificent love that I Am.

Our meditation groups provide a safe, loving and nurturing space where like minded souls can come together to explore their inner state of Being, sharing freely whatever arises from the heart.

This inward journey helps us to understand the ‘bigger picture’ of self/life, revealing our True nature through the direct experience of the magnificent Love that we ARE!

We meet for 1:5 hrs Every Tuesday 7-8:30. in Lake Conjola

                                     Every Thursday 1-2:30pm. In Ulludulla.

Exchange $15

If your heart calls you to come please contact me on 0418428046 or via the contact form, to confirm your place or make an enquiry.
Many Blessings

Darling Karen,

I just have to drop you a line to tell you how amazing you and all our unseen help have been. I got into the car and decided I needed to drink a whole bottle of water last night, the energy was just amazing, powerful, safe, loving and guided.

My friend mentioned this morning on our way to exercising that the world is in trouble because too many men are in charge, thus all the wars etc. The meditation was so helpful I almost counter argued with her! Ha!

Darling  keep spreading the sunshine and light amongst us. We really DO appreciate you and all you do for humanity.

Love you to the moon and back,

Mara xxxx

I am so grateful to Karens group. For holding us in our Hearts, in the space of light, truth & Love. The practices I have learnt & the wisdom shared in our group, helps me to choose more consciously in everyday life challenges. Our weekly meditation is one of the grounding practices I choose to help keep me on a path of awareness & love…For myself & my loved ones. Thank you Karen & the beautiful women in our circle. Much Love & Gratitude XO

Nicole Fondacaro Purvis

Hi Karen,

You rock….. Great to meet you and looking forward to connecting again soon……..I am grateful for the work you have done inside! It shows because you are shining and are pouring out love …

I am grateful for your guidance ….. Many things that have been all around me but unseen by me were revealed because of the safe place you nurtured for all of us…..

Love to you from your friend


Hi Karen

I  enjoyed  and appreciated the meditation on our sacred mother which I feel deeply connected to…she has a special way of up lifting my soul and I’m truly thankful for this experience. I’m off to the desert (uluru) this week for similar solo meditations.

(thank you  sister for your gentle kindness)

and for all that you share.

Love and light to you

With Regards