“Life in the fifth dimension will be very different to the way of life
you now know. It will be simple yet magnificently beautiful. Souls
will incarnate fully conscious of their Divine nature and will have the
opportunity to express this in the physical realm. The reason to
incarnate will change from learning through the pain of separation to
learning through manifesting from Divine love to realise their full
potential. This energy will take physical form again to partake of this
experience to continue expansion in consciousness.
My lifetimes on Earth prepared me to ascend consciously in order
to serve the Light more fully from the expanded dimension. Now
every soul who has ever helped to expand Earth’s consciousness,
through their expansion while incarnated will rejoice as the combined
expansion allows Earth to ascend to the next phase of its evolution.
The human form will remain the same except it will glow with
radiance from its inner light. There will be no illness as this stems
from energy blockages in the body and the human body of the fully
conscious soul will be in perfect balance and harmony, creating
radiant health. There will be no stress, as you’ll fully accept life
without resistance knowing that you co-created it. Humans will no
longer work as they currently do, as they will manifest through their
own unique truth all that is necessary in life. They will remember the
ways of growing food that is in harmony with the Mother’s cycles
and that of her moon. The yield will be plentiful as the energy of love
from the Earth and the souls tending the garden will cause plants to
flourish to their full potential. All life will flourish, plant, animal,
bird, fish and human. In fact, more species of each will appear as life
continues to evolve. Fresh water and fresh air will be abundantly
available and money as you know it will be a thing of the past.
If you are currently working hard to gain the material things of life
and to provide your family with every available opportunity, let this
last statement sink into your being. Most will find it very confronting
and perhaps fearful, as it shatters the foundation upon which you
build your life. It is time to ask yourself, what is it that you value?
Many human souls are so caught up in the illusion of their lives that
they have never paused long enough to ponder this question.
Do you value lifestyle, family, education, freedom, peace,
holidays, money, health, love? Be very honest with yourself.
Everything I have mentioned and so much more, will be your
experience in the fifth dimension only at a higher level and all
without work or money, as you currently know it to be. Education
would be higher education of the soul, love would be unconditional
and so it would go.
This energy can but encourage you to avail yourself with time to
know your true self. By gifting yourself with the truth of your Divine
Nature and thus expanding in consciousness, you gift yourself with
ascension and in turn gift the planet and all of existence with the
Many have prophesised the end of the world and catastrophic
conditions which lead to this. This energy would like to make it very
clear that this is not necessarily the case. Yes, the third dimension is
in its end phase so Earth as you know it, will cease to be. For those
human souls who choose to ascend through the knowledge of their
true selves, they will experience life on Earth as I have been
The shift will be seamless, a smooth transition from one dimension
to the other, some as I mentioned are already in this transition time.
For those who choose not to ascend or remain unconscious to the fact
that they have a choice, life will continue as it is now with increasing
chaos and fear. This will eventually lead to the self-destruction of the
third dimension due to the immense imbalances this will cause in the
You may ask how can the Earth disappear in the third dimension
yet be balanced whole and beautiful in the fifth dimension. The
answer is simple, Mother Earth is a soul, an expression of Source just
like you and she is multidimensional just like you, so one aspect can
cease to be as another flourishes concurrently as there is no time in
the expanded dimension. As Earth continues to ascend into other
dimensions, she is realising her other aspects.
Those human souls who remain will then return to their formless
state in the expanded dimension. Life will continue the only thing that
ceases to be is the physical form they took on Earth.
Some may say, “Well what’s the point. I still end up in the
expanded dimension.”
Yes, you do, and what you have made real in your consciousness
will be what you gravitate toward and experience in the expanded
dimension. Therefore if fear and chaos is the frequency you carry,
you will gravitate toward other frequencies of fear and chaos and so
experience more fear and chaos. Of course, you have your guardian
angel shining their light on you and can choose to go to the Light
however, some fail to see this radiance as they are so consumed with
fear and chaos.
This experience is what you humans think hell must be, imposed
by a God of Judgment. This energy can share the absolute truth that
God, Source, is unconditional love and there is no such thing as hell,
only the experience of what you have made real in your
consciousness while incarnated in human form on Earth.
Everything you experience in form or in the expanded dimension,
you have created. Heaven as you see it is equally illusory with a God
who judges your worthiness to enter. If you know your true self as an
expression of Source, God, and you express this Divine light and
love, making it real in your consciousness then this is what you will
gravitate toward when you leave your form and this is what you will
experience more of.
So to answer the question what’s the point, well all this energy can
say is, “It’s your choice. Which experience would you choose?”
One is to stay where you are in consciousness and be impacted by
the increasing fear and chaos; the other is to awaken to your truth and
have the opportunity to be fully conscious in this truth in a physical
form, allowing you an unprecedented opportunity to express the light
and love of Source as physical manifestations. This will manifest
Source in a physical form and so to use the term heaven in this light,
create the experience of Heaven on Earth.
This is your reason for being in form. You can’t yet imagine the
magnificence that the unconditional love and unlimited potential of
Light, that is Source, will be in physical form. Even energies such as
this can only imagine the absolutely radiant forms it will take, as it is
not yet a part of my consciousness, as I have not experienced it.
It is for this purpose I will take a physical form again when the
fifth dimension is fully realised. The experience will then further
expand my consciousness as it will all souls who choose to
experience it. And again, when enough souls have made this
experience real and a part of their consciousness all souls will know
it, as all are part of the oneness, and Earth will ascend again and so it
goes as consciousness continually expands.
I feel that I have more than adequately addressed the point in
Now for some fun! Can you imagine creating a rainbow of light
for your children to slide on, a garden with colours of every hue with
an intensity magnified to a brilliant radiance or a house of crystal that
contained the wisdom of Light and shared this through frequency
with your family? What about sunsets, forests, mountains and all
manner of natural wonders that defy description due to their Divine
nature, or previously wild animals freely roaming with all animals
and humans peacefully. Imagine your child cuddling up to a lion or
grizzly bear. Perhaps the grizzly bear would receive a new name!
What of growing vegetables beyond your wildest dreams that taste
more amazing than they look, or nearly every human’s dream the
freedom to fly.
These things and much more will be commonplace and the scope
is unlimited as Source is unlimited potential. When this is fuelled by
the creative power of Divine Love an exquisiteness beyond imagining
will unfold.
I can feel your heart smiling as you read this and your minds
thinking if only it were true.
This energy can assure you that it is Absolute Truth, but there is
only one way to discover the authenticity of this for yourself. It is to
begin or continue to uncover your true self. When you know your self
as a unique expression of Source containing all the wisdom, love,
light and potential of Source and express this through an open heart,
then you will know the Absolute Truth.
You will ascend and realise your full potential by manifesting the
qualities of Source in a physical form.
This energy’s Divine love embraces and enfolds you as you
journey toward your Truth!
May the light of its radiance illuminate your heart shining the way
home to your True Self, where the love, freedom, peace and joy your
soul yearns for waits.”
Chapter 10 Lord Melchizedek  “Truth Creates Heaven on Earth”