The entire concept of a New Year is a total misnoma when viewed from the perspective of the ‘One’ or Absolute. Yet within the illusion where it appears that ‘time passes’, then, relative to this perspective, arises a fresh opportunity for the ‘person’ to view life anew, to shift perspectives, open up to more of ‘Self’.

The world is shifting exponentially when viewed this way. The Being known as Earth is shedding in quite vast, rapid and deep ways and all life seemingly upon her is being shaken to the core. As she shifts so does all life….yet those that are unconscious find this quite confronting as they cling to what is known/tried. This year will continue to shake the ‘ground’ they walk on, quite literally, on all levels. That which has been their rock/anchor will no longer be….they will feel lost, adrift as all sense of safety, well being, direction, and support was outwardly sourced so the systemic beliefs will cling in an effort to find new ground/footing/stability. None of which can be found from what they know. This will force many into unknown territory…many will not cope and will choose to leave these realms(not consciously). Many will seek new ways…will open up and many that have been preparing for these ‘times’ will Be there to shine the way home.

It is this latter group that will experience the full magic, mystery and wonder of Creation and will blossom forth into the full majesty of Self. So much is available to be experienced, remembered and created on a scale previously not seen. There are beings that will partake of a form again for the sheer delight of fully knowing Self and expressing as such. The beauty brought forth will be a wonder to behold.

Make your focus your priority then alignment and all this creates will naturally flow forth.

You and others like you will be called upon to truly Be All that you ARE. Your service will come into its highest expression in answer to the call of ALL other portions of Self. This flows through the One heart as a joy, an excitement, a pull to action that then sets in motion remembrance, through direct experiences, for all those other selves who have chosen to remember.

As we re-member we are bringing all expressions/aspects of the One back into the knowing of the One heart of All.

Rest well, play, Be in nature, open your heart and allow Love to flow like never before. So much awaits You in the timeless realms of ALL that you ARE.