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Options –

Shared King Bedroom ….$800 per person (2 people)

Solo King Bedroom……….$980 (1 person)

Shared King + Single Bedroom… $800 per person (3 people).

Solo King $880 + Single $800 (2 people)

Bunk Bedroom …$780  (4 people).

10% discount if paid in full by 11th May

$400 deposit to secure your place .. 





Self REAL..I..zation   –   Deepening into Your True Self – 7th April 1-4pm
You do not have to be ‘Spiritual’ to Realize the truth of Self!
For it is simply becoming Aware of what You have Always been and Will Always Be…
Pure Divine essence …Infinite, Eternal and Free!
If you feel drawn to explore the True nature of Self and deepen into this knowing through the direct experience of it in a safe and loving environment, then come join us!
“Karen’s guidance is gentle & reassuring, yet clear & deeply profound.”
“Thank you Karen for shining your light so graciously, allowing me to reveal and remember my true self through all that you are.” Nic xoxo
“Confused, emotional, light headed and pain. THEN……………… Gratitude, relief, joy, sense of being, direction and PEACE within.
A beautiful and very grounding and helpful experience. Answered many questions I had and has changed the way I see the world as it is as well as myself.”Thank you Karen. JJ.
“Today after having a session with you and revisiting my truth, the truth of who I am, (who we all are)…And finding the deep deep peace that resides within me I feel inspired to write this testimonial.
Thank you for reminding me of my true essence and helping guide me back to living from my heart space. I feel I can see clearly now ‘ the story’ I have been lost in. I feel so calm, so peaceful, so connected, so much love…. What bliss !Hope this inspires others to see you. Endless love and light to you,” Emma xxx
“Karen’s offerings are truly from the heart…always from Love. I am ever grateful to her for opening her heart to me in so many ways. In times of ‘darkness’ I have been able to see truth & light with Karen”s guidance during our Spiritual Clarity & counselling Sessions. Her weekly meditation circle helps keep me grounded in the present & in my own Divine Pure Essence…of LOVE.” Nicole.
“Thank you Karen for your love, support and guidance in your one-on-one meditation and larger group meditation classes over the years. Not only have your classes been beneficial for my own growth and development but on a larger scale a huge shift in human consciousness. To feel the beautiful Bliss that resides within me and all around, can only be described as peace, joyfulness and freedom.”
With Love & Gratitude Wendy
Exchange $75
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