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My Intent- “I offer my presence in person and via the internet to the world, to share my essence with all who resonate, touching hearts in a conscious way so they come into the full knowing of their True Self through the direct experience of it.”

An emptiness within that felt as though something was missing and thinking there had to be more to life than this was the beginning of my journey.

So much has awakened in me, it’s hard to remember back to when I thought I was just a body and nothing more (1990 ). Now, in this current life, I feel like I’ve lived many lifetimes as so much has happened, so much  truth has been revealed.

The more I experience and the more I know, I realise that I have only just begun to touch the vastness that is life. There is so much more to experience, to become aware of, to remember, to make real in my life. So much love, beauty, mystery and wonder!

I’ve been going back over my journals and reflecting on the past to get a sense of where I started and what’s happened along the way. What stands out is my willingness to always listen to my inner urges (even though at the time I had no idea that I had intuition or a higher self, I just thought they sounded like good ideas) and to follow them through, to act upon them.

I was following my truth, my heart, and with each experience I became more aware and then more of my truth revealed itself. It’s like an ever expanding spiral. My early truth – that I was just a body – expanded to a body with thoughts that affect it, then to a body with thoughts that create emotions, to a being of loving light energy, Pure Divine Essence.

 I became aware that the unseen parts of me were just as real as my visible body and in fact, my thoughts and feelings created everything in my physical world including any dis-ease that occurred in my physical body. I now know that even when I was completely unconscious my higher Self, True Self was always co-creating my experience, always had my highest good at the fore.

I learned, through direct experience, that life is eternal and that my physical body can cease to function, die, but the part of me that is my true self – my soul, lives on in that unseen dimension we call Heaven. I AM  Eternal!

Aspects of self, coexisting in other dimensions at the same time I am experiencing this physical life on Earth, came into my awareness revealing more of the totality of who I Am, bringing much clarity and insight. I know I am a multi dimensional being just as you are.

The moment I merged with my higher self,  my True Self  was one of the most profound!

 I experienced myself as magnificent, pure loving light that was so vast it filled my entire awareness. I was not my body, thoughts or emotions the ONLY thing that existed was  Pure Grace! It changed my life forevermore!   In that moment  my will and Divine will became one as I surrendered to this truth within and intended that from this moment forward my every word, my every thought and my every action would come from this magnificent love that I AM, thus creating my Heaven on Earth ….that I now live in and am constantly creating……

And then I experienced Self beyond creation itself, as the Absolute that is everything and nothing at the same time..that which all of existence comes forth from…this was truly a ‘game-changer’ as I was now outside the experience we call life which completely shifted my perspective of Everything. Learning how to ‘navigate’ this,  anchor my full magnitude here and stabilise in this frequency has resulted in me becoming Unified and Sovereign. 

My truth has expanded to this point through hundreds of direct personal experiences that have awakened an inner knowing, triggering a remembering of my innate wisdom – the same wisdom that lies in the core of all human beings, all life.

I have journeyed home to my true self by the Grace of Light and a willingness to listen to and follow my heart. I feel as though I’m standing on the threshold of another new beginning filled with such love and contentment in each moment.

May your inward journey to your true self be one of beauty unfolding illuminated by the love and light of the Divine!



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Beautiful Karen … thank you so much for being you and all the magnificence that you are, embodied here on the earthly plane. When we met one year ago, I immediately felt the indelible connection in our hearts, we are soul sisters who have returned in service to humanity and the road has been long. Just knowing you are here … along with my Spiritual Clarity session and our regular meditation sessions … has helped me to complete the final parts of my journey of remembering who I am. To step into the Pure Divine Essence that I am. To become present and remain in a state of presence, from whence all things flow and the love, joy and spontaneity of life can occur. The radiant light of your heart is truly a gift to all of humanity. I have experienced and witnessed this undeniable truth and I thank you from the deepest core of my being, for reminding me of who I am and how to BE my truth. )*( Fi xx

Fiona Stephens - Naturopathic Herbalist & Energy Medicine Therapist www.fionastephens.nt.pages.com.au

I had the most amazing connection to my heart and the deepest mediation I have been in with a session from Karen!
It’s life changing!!!!
Michelle - Wollongong

Confused, emotional, light headed and pain. THEN………………  Gratitude, relief, joy, sense of being, direction and PEACE within.
A beautiful and very grounding and helpful experience.  Answered many questions I had and has changed the way I see the world as it is as well as myself.
Thank you Karen.